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Sharing an old favorite tonight.
This whole week I thought if I could just have a conversation with a certain friend, everything would be ok. Everything would just disappear and all my troubles would melt away. Then I realized that I have a ton of great friends who have been helping me all along, and that I was caught up in the sentiment of what could have happened with this particular person. Then, finally, I realized that it doesn’t do anyone any good to dwell on what might have been. All that aside, I really love this song. When I heard it for the first time at Spaceland, I broke down and cried. Lucky for me, it was the pretty type of crying that doesn’t effect your mascara. I also met Keifer Sutherland that night. He was way cooler than I expected him to be.
Sorry, I got sidetracked thinking about Jack Bauer…but there’s NOT ENOUGH TIME.

My favorite lyrics are obviously “I can’t quite remember your face, I can’t quite remember the feel of your hands, and I can’t quite remember the last time when you kissed me.”

Just listen to it.