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I love this piece by Brad Mehldau, off the album Largo.  It sounds like winter, and reminds me of the saying “When it rains, it pours.”  Did you know that saying came from the Morton Salt Company?  This piece has a circular motion to it, slightly different from a waltz.  When the main melody begins (around the 1:08 mark), it floats over a bed of triplets.  Something about the feel of mixed meter drives the melody forward, and it feels like the rain – a never-ending downpour of notes.  I love the lush wind orchestration.  The bassoon in particular gives the sound a nice forest feeling.

The album Largo was produced by the amazing Jon Brion, who has produced lots of fantastic singer/songwriters, as well as composed some of the best film music there ever was (such as the music for my favorite film, I Heart Huckabees).  The whole album is a fantastic, expansive, wandering journey into a beautiful space.