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The other day I was listening to a new playlist on my iPod that I’d put together with Shazam.  Every once in a while, I will Shazam a song when I’m on the road, and then after a month or two, I get on iTunes and listen to everything I’ve Shazamed, and buy everything I like.  Out of sheer coincidence, I had the song “Evil Friends” by Portugal. The Man right before “Wide Lovely Eyes“, by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.  I had the volume down a tiny bit, and I thought that it was just one song, with a second piece sung by a different singer.

Give it a listen!  If anything, it’s a pretty great tempo & pitch match.  The tempo of the Nick Cave song is just a fraction slower, but the pitch is the exact same.  The songs don’t go together, necessarily, but they’re both excellent.