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Last night I was reminded of how much I LOVE The National.  Especially their album Boxer.   Lead singer Matt Berninger’s voice really gets into your soul and sticks.

Slow Show, in my opinion, is one of their better (and less cryptic songs).  Of the lyric:  “I wanna hurry home to you / Put on a slow dumb show for you / And crack you up.”, Berninger said:

“That one’s actually kind of literal, wanting to get out of some anxiety-filled public situation, where there’s a party of something and you just want to escape and be home, close the doors with someone that you really care about and just be stupid and laugh. Forgetting about social pretenses and how you have to act in public, you can just be a fool with this person, you know, ugly and awkward and silly and they won’t judge you.”

One thing I really love about this song is how the melody in the verse is pretty monotone, and then the chorus seems to just glide into a new place.  With the help of an amazing drum beat, and what sounds like a harmonium, the chorus takes you home to a comfortable place where you want to stay forever.