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This song is amazing.  So few lyrics, so many layers (musically), so catchy!

In college we did this “copycat” project where we listened to a song, and either using MIDI or actual instruments, tried to replicate it as closely as possible.  I chose the David Baerwald song “Come What May” from the film Moulin Rouge!.  I had a wonderful time with that project – listening carefully to each sound, and finding the perfect MIDI “instrument” to use.  If I had to do the project over again, with a different song, I would choose this one.  There are sounds creating a beat, sounds that establish the key (going up and down the scale of the key), sounds that sound like electronic “meeeow”s, and then of course the vocals!  Within the vocals you’ve got various filters which are affecting Kylie’s voice, as well as at LEAST one whisper track to give the vocals more depth.  It’s soooo catchy, and wonderful, and I just can’t get it out of my head now!