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I’ve got this cool, down to earth hipster friend who married a total yuppie.  Like a J. Crew wearing, West Elm/Crate & Barrel buying, Kate Spade toting, tea-towel monogramming, designer hand soap buying yuppie.  And I was thinking about her today, and wondering what type of music she probably listens to…since my friend has great taste in music (being a hipster), and, well, who knows about her.  So, I googled “Yuppie Music”, and found a list of the “Top Ten Yuppie Anthems,” of which this song is number four (Ryan Adams made the list at number two, but I won’t hold it against them).

I love The Shins — seen em two or three times live, and I love this song, despite it being made so popular by the film Garden State.  Anywayz (haha), I really thought the title of the song says it all.  Caring is creepy.  It’s creepy that I even wondered what this girl is listening to.  Who cares!  So this is my confession that I’ve been acting kinda creepy, and my commitment to care only about the music I love from this moment on.