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Here’s another band I discovered thanks to KCRW.  Of course this was YEARS ago…before Twilight, before Vampire Diaries (which I’ve never seen, but can only imagine it’s lame).  I love their song Bloodstream.   The piano loop that starts the song and moves throughout it simple (it’s basically just building up a chord), but the effects make it sound really interesting.

There are lots of interesting tempo/feel changes within the song – such as 3:30, when the feel changes from a four quarter time feel to a three four feel.  3:50 also brings a new change – a musical sparseness.  But what I love the most about this song is the lyrics.  It’s about loss, loneliness…I love the line “you’ve gotten into my bloodstream.”  It’s kind of like our generation’s version of Sinatra’s “I’ve Got You Under My Skin.”