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John Mayer‘s music is a total guilty pleasure of mine.  I fell in love with it in college, and I wanted to drop out of my school and go to the Berklee College of Music, because I was SURE that if I studied with Pat Pattison, I would become a great songwriter, and me and John Mayer would meet and fall in love and get married.

Well, that dream has dissipated, but I still listen to his music when I’m feeling down, nostalgic, and just need something familiar and warm to listen to.  Speaking of guilty pleasures, Ummm, is it really John Mayer, or is that picture of Johnny Depp!?!

In truth, I haven’t listened to Johnny for quite a while, but today, this song was floating around in my head, and I just had to give it a listen.

I love the imagery in this song – slow dancing in a burning room.  It’s absolutely the perfect visual — a final bow in a relationship that was doomed from the start.

Do you have a guilty pleasure band/singer/songwriter?