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I’m ashamed to admit this, but I didn’t know about Frou Frou until the movie Garden State came out (at least I knew about The Shins, though!).  What’s worse, I thought singer (Imogen Heap) was a guy!!  With her solo career, I have been even more amazed and impressed by her vocal range, and creative ability when it comes to producing electronic(ish) music, and her talents as a multi-instrumentalist.

The song Hide and Seek was her first release off her album “Speak for Yourself“.  According to an interview I heard with her, she recorded it all with her computer by manipulating her own voice to create the harmonization.

The song has been used in MANY TV and film placements (of course).  But I love that it wasn’t something over-produced in a studio.  It makes it sound very private – like you’re getting a small glimpse into her personal life.

My favorite part of the song (actually I have two)…the first is at 2:39 when she glides up to that very high “B”.  WOW!  My second favorite is 2:52.  I love the rhythm created by this section.  And I LOVE the lyrics.  They’re so accusatory without being overtly negative.

When did you first hear Imogen Heap?