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First of all, I just want to apologize to everyone (my mom) who visits this blog for the sporadic posts as of late.  I just started a new job (my dream job!), and I’ve been giving it my all.  And I’m also still trying to figure out the name of that song I heard on Sirius XMU that I liked!!  aaah! so many things going on.

Lou Barlow, of the Dinosaur Jr., Sebadoh, and Folk Implosion fame, came out with two solo EPs, and the second, “Goodnight Unknown“, contains a song that I love, “Gravitate“.  And while it’s not heard in this song, Barlow is credited for helping to found the lo-fi movement.

What I love about the sound is the simple, yet big sound of the guitar.  I love the way the vocals are recorded, a la Sinead O’Connor.  A sort of old school way of creating a stereo sound – leaving one vocal track in the middle, creating two additional vocal tracks (identical), shifting the pitch slightly and panning one hard left and one hard right.  I also love how the guitar(s?) is(are?) playing octaves, and in some case an octave combined with a minor 7th (in this case, a “G” and an “F”), thus adding fullness to the sound.  I could very well be wrong about this, but to me, it sounds like there’s a de-tuned mandolin playing alongside the guitar.  There’s something about the timbre created by a mandolin that sounds automatically more folksy than the guitar.   I just love the mandolin (but I’m biased).

Are you a Lou Barlow fan?  Which of his bands do you like the best?