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Here’s another cool musical coincidence for you.  I love Weezer, especially the blue album.  It reminds me of my youth.  A couple years back, some of my friends got together and performed the blue album in its entirety.  It was totally the highlight of my Christmas vacation.

One of my favorite songs off the blue album is Only in Dreams.  As a bassist myself, I’ve always loved listening to the bass lines of songs, and this one has a great bass line.  It’s repeated throughout the intro and verses, and then changes in the chorus.  At the end of the song (6:46), the bass is joined by the guitar in playing the bass line.

Now, I don’t know how to read tab (I know, I know…), but I found the tab for this bass line on this helpful site.  It looks like this:

The tab is a little bit confusing, because the bass line actually starts on an “A” (which would be an open string, and not a “2”), so they must have used a different tuning for the song.  In any case, the bass line starts on “A”.

Now, for the coincidence!  Listen to the bass line during chorus of the Class Actress song, Prove Me Wrong (0:55- 1:22).  It is almost note-for-note the same as the Weezer song, only it’s a half-step up (meaning it starts on a Bb (B flat), rather than an A).  Kind of fun, right?!