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This album came out a few months before I moved to New York, and I loved listening to it while I was walking around the city or taking the subway.  Its lo-fi minimalist sound created a dramatic contrast against a bustling city.

I love the song Crystalised.  To quote one of the YouTube commentators, “Sadness, emptiness and melancholy mixed with etheric sense of belonging nowhere… Just to sum it up!”

My favorite part of this song is the instrumentation.  Even though the guitars are out of tune in the intro (yipes), they blend well with the drum machine, bass, and voices of singers Romy Croft, and Oliver Sim.

The chorus is great – with a melody happening in the instruments and no real lyrics.

The one thing I’m not crazy about is the last verse, where there are two different lyrics being sung at the same time.  In general, I’m not crazy about songs with more than one point of view, or more than one message happening.  I think the best example of the type of song I’m not crazy about is The Human League’s “Don’t You Want Me“.  It’s like “let’s get his side of the story…ok now let’s get her side of the story”…aaah!  Just stick to one opinion.  Keep it simple.

Do you like the whole “his story” “her story” type of songwriting?