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We’re going a little bit country today for this gem of a song.  I love Alison Krauss’ voice.  It’s so crystal clear, and perfectly tuned.  She actually has perfect pitch, which is easy to tell after listening to her, in my opinion.

Alison Krauss has been around for a bit, but made more popular thanks to the Coen Brothers film O Brother, Where Art Thou.  The soundtrack features two of her songs, but in general the country/bluegrass scene was exposed and made more popular in general because of the film (hello – George Clooney singing old country songs!!).

I love this song, because it’s a happy breakup song.  She’s not bitter, she not going to carve her name into the side of her cheatin’ boyfriends car…she’s just moving on, and she’s happy about it!  I love the line “I’m headed North/gonna see what this heart’s really worth/I guess it’s time to be on my own.”

The instrumentation and melody are so perfect for these lyrics.  It’s no wonder this woman has 27 Grammy Awards!