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Here’s a song that fits a scene from the film 500 Days of Summer so perfectly, that you would think Regina Spektor wrote it for the film.  You can watch the scene here,  if you’re feeling inclined (**it does contain spoilers if you haven’t seen the film, though!**).  I’ve always thought of Regina’s voice as more of a musical instrument than a voice, because of her range and versatility.    A great example her range can be heard in the song “Sampson“, and her versatility in the chorus of “Fidelity“.

There are several lines that could be construed as religious references in this song, such as “open wide here comes original sin”, “I’m the hero of the story, don’t need to be saved”, “We’re trying to be faithful, but we’re cheating, cheating”…

But if you look past the religious references, and sync it up with the film, it’s about feeling like your reality has just been shattered.  You’ve  lost everything you wanted.  It’s the song the “hero of the story” would be singing to himself in an effort to console himself.  I love the opening line:  “he never ever saw it coming at all”, because that’s what happens when your reality gets shattered.  It doesn’t happen slowly over time – it happens immediately.  I love the very last scene of the song “no one’s got it all…” where Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s world is literally erased.   I cry every time I watch that scene.