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I was originally pretty jealous of Sara Watkins…getting to play violin alongside Chris Thile in Nickle Creek, but when the band took a break, I attended a performance of the “Watkins Family Hour,” at Largo in Los Angeles.  I was captivated by Sara’s voice and violin playing.  She played a few tracks from her first solo album (self-titled), and the one I fell in love with was All This Time.

When I was in college, I remember hearing a poem about  a couple who were in the kitchen, fighting.  My summary won’t do this poem justice, but anyway, one of them throws a vase against the ground and it breaks into hundreds of shards of glass – big and small.  They eventually break up, and the girlfriend moves out.  The boyfriend thinks he’s getting over her, and then months later he’s barefoot in the kitchen, and steps on one of the shards of glass that he’d missed in the cleanup.  Even though it’s a tiny little piece of glass, it still hurts like crazy, and it brings back all those memories of the relationship.  And it happens every time he steps on another piece of that broken glass.

I love the simple lyrics in this song.  It’s about trying to move on from a broken relationship, but without all the anger and hatred that you normally get from breakup songs.  I especially love the line “With you in my head, you stay under my skin, and interfere with my heart. ”  It’s a really civilized, though still heartbreaking song about finally letting go.