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Sometimes I love knowing what an artist is thinking when they create a song, or hearing about the process of the song creation.  And sometimes I’m let down when I hear about it, because I think it will be profound and it ends up being something dumb – as an example, there’s a great line in the film 27 Dresses, “I feel like I just found out my favorite love song was written about a sandwich.”  It’s like that.

After watching an interview about the making of this song, I still love it. *phew*

From the interview, it sounds like lead singer, Kazu, did a whisper track for this song, to “make it sound more creepy”.  Whisper tracks are exactly what they sound like – rather than singing the lyrics, one whispers the lyrics in time, alongside the vocals.  They are added to give a song depth.  Michael Jackson was known for doing whisper tracks, and layering dozens of vocal tracks recorded from different places, in order to give the vocals their unique sound.  There’s even a version of Thriller that Jackson recorded with 64 vocal tracks!

While I love the “creepy” sound created by the whisper track in “The Dress”, my favorite part is the chorus:

“I love you less now that I know you, don’t let the dress trick you.”

No matter how the band or anyone else interprets this chorus, I like to think it’s about a wedding dress.  In a morbid way, I love the thought of someone seeing all their own  scars and faults, and measuring them up against the faults and scars of the person they love, and feeling like that person is responsible for the “tears on my face,” and the “light in my eyes”.  It’s like a very honest, un-romanticized song about marriage.  Listen to it, and let me know what you think!