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I’ve often wondered what this song is about.  Maybe I’m just not getting it, or maybe there’s nothing to get…but anyway, I wanted to get a dog and name him “Maps” because I thought it would be a great name for a dog.  Someday.

What I love about this song is how mesmerizing it is.  The guitar tremolo adds a shimmering backdrop of sound, and vocalist Karen O adds all the tension, the build, and the emotion with her melody and lyrics.

Other things I love about this song:  the syncopated snare/bass drum beats.  In the intro and first verse of the song, the beats fall on “two”, and the “and” of “three” of the beat, rather than right on the beat.  In other words, if there were eight notes in a measure, the accented beats would be:  one-and, TWO-and-three-AND, four-and.   It changes throughout the song, always keeping a syncopated sound.

Another great thing is the instrumental bridge (at 2:28).  It sounds almost like a cadence – like they are going to conclude the song, but instead it sets up the chorus again.  With a song like this, where every section is in the same key, it COULD sound really boring after just a verse and chorus, but by making the drums and vocals super interesting, it adds enough to keep the song awesome.   So, after the instrumental bridge and chorus, you get a repeat of the instrumental bridge section, and the song ends as it begins, with the guitar tremolo.  Kind of like a nice sandwich.