This song is hands down my favorite song of all time.  I can’t quite describe why this is, because I’ve lived in Southern California my entire life (except for a few brief stints in New York), but to me, this song sounds like coming home.

The layered guitars, harmonics, pedal steel, simple drums and bass, and vocal harmonies sweep over you and engulf you like a warm desert wind.   And though I love everything about the music – the melody, the instrumentation…literally everything, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the lyrics.

Here’s a sampling:

“Let me go I’m only letting you down/ I’ve got nothing to say to you now/ I lose the feelings that are weighing me down/ When I’m safe”

And my favorite favorite, the second chorus:

“I ain’t got nothing but love for you…I can’t use/ And lonely nights multiplied by the blues/ that I can’t resolve”

If that’s not perfect songwriting, I don’t know what is.