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I LOVE this band.  Especially live.  There is something so different and special about them.  They make the audience come alive.  I saw them at the Troubadour once, and everyone in the audience was literally dancing arm-in-arm with their friends and strangers.  It was unlike any concert experience I’ve ever had.

This song, “This is the Song” comes from their most recent album, Antifogmatic.  First of all, I just have to say that I think Chris Thile is amazing.  He’s a total prodigy, and he makes me want to hide my mandolin and never play again.  I also love that he loves Radiohead, and covers their songs frequently in his concerts.

I love the simplicity behind the orchestration of this song.  So simple, in fact, that I can play this one on mandolin (even the solo!)!  But the beauty comes from the sparseness, which goes perfectly with the subject and lyrics.  All too often I hear a song with incredibly depressing lyrics, and a happy melody -which seems a bit disjointed (like this song).  This is the song where they both come together perfectly.