This beautiful song from his album Gossip in the Grain has everything – gorgeous lyrics, mesmerizing vocals, intriguing instrumentation, an ethereal ambiance, and a great melody.

I’ve mentioned this in a previous post, but I think some songs have a circular, rolling movement to them.  This effect can be achieved one of many ways – through instrumentation (particularly percussion), tempo,  chord progressions, and of course – time signature.  This song happens to be in 3/4 (three four) time, or “Waltz Time” as it is known to some.    Having a heavier downbeat on one propels the other two beats into a forward motion.  When I listen to this song, I can picture people waltzing to it.

Another reason this song sounds like it has a rolling movement to me is because of the intro.  The snare drum rolls at the very beginning definitely add the rolling movement.  They give the song a sense of an accelerated tempo, thus moving the song forward.

The biggest reason I love this song is because of the bridge, which happens at 2:42, just after the second incident of the chorus.   The addition of oboe and flute (where the flute is playing in a lower-than-normal range – easier on the ears) makes for interesting instrumentation.  It adds something really special to the song.