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I just love these sad songs.  I remember when I first heard “Stay” by Sugarland.  I was working for Universal Music Group at the time, and they were showing us the music video before it dropped.  I was sitting in the front of the room, by the television.  I started crying.  Not the pretty kind of crying, either (like Natalie Portman in Closer), I was doing the whole mascara running, red-faced sobbing thing– in front of the entire company.  Lovely.

What I love about this song is the universal chorus.  It’s a chorus that works perfect with every verse, and it’s incredibly, incredibly hard to write.  I love the development of this song.  You hear her change her mind as the song evolves.  She finally changes her mind during the bridge.  The last chorus, obviously, is different, but barely.  It’s brilliant!

I dare you watch it and not cry.

p.s. here’s the Natalie Portman photo: